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Former Ridgeway Country Club
Residential use would bring White Plains $1,200,000 in taxes.
and thousands of dollars in sales taxes.
Can we afford any other use?



November 1, 2011

Re: Ridgeway Country Club Property
White Plains, New York

A residential alternative for the former club.

Residential use of the property would have less impact on the neighborhood, require no change in existing roadways and result in greater tax revenue.

A previous proposal called for one home for every three acres with a total of forty homes on the property. To minimize the environmental and aesthetic impact the homes would be built in three groups with each home occupying one half acre. Access would be from Ridgeway, Gedney Esplanade and Bryant Avenue.

The homes would be similar to high end ones built in White Plains in the last ten years. Typically about 4,500 square feet and ranging in price from $1,250,000 to $1,600,000. Real estate taxes per home would average about $30,000.

With the above development:

Built up area would be 20 acres.
Remaining open space would be 100 acres
Real estate tax income to White Plains would be $1,200,000 per year

Alex Majthenyi

Sale of Ridgeway C.C. to
French American School

Residential Alternatuve

Photos of Site -- Winter 2010

FASNY's Site Plans -- 2010

Gedney Neighborhood Assoc.

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