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United States & New York State

USGS 1944 "Glenville" map
USGS 1947 "Glenville" map
USGS 1951 "Glenville" map
USGS 1960 "Glenville" map
USGS 1932 "White Plains" map
USGS 1957 "White Plains" map
USGS 1967 "White Plains" map
UCON USGS Map Collection

USDA Web Soil Survey
USDA Service Centers
USDA Conservation Service NYS
USDA Hydric Soils
USDA Wetlands Training

USACE Geoplatform
USACE Wetland Deliniation
USACE Wetland Evaluation 12/3/2014

US Fish & Wildlife
US Fish & Wildlife - Wetlands
US Clean Water Act Section 404

DEC Regional Offices
DEC FASNY reports
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DEC Ridgeway CC Wetlands Map
DEC Wetland Deliniation Manual
DEC ENB - Region 3 Notices re: FASNY

EPA - NY storm water permits by DEC
EPA-DEC Enforcement Agreement

Westchester County

Mapping Westchester
Westchester Environmental Features
Westchester Co Hydric Soils (SSURGO)
      Information is from USDA

Westchester Co Legislators
Westchester Co. District Attorney
Westchester Co. Planning/Zoning
Westchester Co. 2025
Patterns for Westchester

White Plains

Zoning Ordinance - 1981
Comprehensive Plan revision 2006
Agendas and Meetings
CC 9/8/2014 Meeting

North Street Entrance Storm Water 6/28/2013
North Street Entrance Plan

White Plains City - FASNY Documents
FEIS - Final Environmental Impact
Modified Proposed Project/Bryant Ave

Petition to close Hathaway 5/5/2014
Common Council Resolution - 12/19/2013
Agenda for 11/24/14 Common Councilmeeting

Ridgeway Tennis Restrictions
      forgotten & unenforced 1977 - 82



John Meyer Consulting site
John Meyer - FASNY Documents
8/6/12 -- Wetlands Hydrology Stormwater
5/9/12 -- E-1-WetlandDelineation/B>
Hathaway Petition
5/5/14 -- FASNY SWPPP report
TRC Technical Review 9/12/2013

James G Rogers Architect

NY Code - General Municipal lAW
Guide to Planning and Zoning Laws - NYS

Gedney Association

ECONEIGHBORS re: Environment
ECONEIGHBORS re: Traffic Report

The Nature Conservancy
The Nature Conservancy on Facebook

Pace University Environmental Gateway

EF Academy of New York

White Plains News

White Plains Week